Proms debut


My Proms debut, 1.8.2018, couldn’t have been with any other orchestra than my dear friends from the BBC NOW, with whom I’ve seen so many exciting different corners of music history in the past years.

Overwhelmed by the atmosphere, the sheer size and the audience of the Royal Albert Hall in the heart of London. Superb playing by Daniel Müller-Schott in Dvorak and the incredible BBC-NOW in Ein Heldenleben. 

Asked about the “hero aspect” of this incredible - and my personal favourite - masterpiece by Strauss, I always end up thinking the orchestra musicians are the real heroes! 

Very lucky to have a couple of days afterwards with my dearests in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A huge thank you to the entire KD Schmid team UK, my London family! Although leaving my beloved island Ameland in summer is a cruel and an almost impossible thing to do, this was totally worth it and a true peak experience!


A strong debut for Tausk. The music is warmly Romantic and highly evocative, and Tausk and the BBCNOW gave us an assured and atmospheric reading.
— Nick Boston, Bachtrack

It was the Hero’s romantic episodes in this work that received the most winning accounts from Tausk and BBCNOW.
— Curtis Rogers, Classical Source

Tausk managed to make potential mayhem on the battlefield sound ‘all under control’ in the concert hall, as strident insistent woodwind rhythms snarled, the bass end of the orchestral thumped, and the strings whirled and skipped.
— Claire Seymour, Seen and Heard International
Diederik Gerbranda